The ABECE Heritage

The ABECE story begins almost 100 years ago. abece started out as a forge shop, helping local farmers with rectifying problems and finding solutions to all the technical challenges that occurred in the early 1900’s.

The understanding for the customer and his daily strivings was formed. This important heritage came natural and became almost as built into the dna of ABECE when we under the leadership of our founder’s son, Bernt Jidell, started the international journey that is still constantly taking us to new findings, challenges and technical developments for the benefit of all our customers.

Since the mid 1950s, when we designed “The Original” Skandia 12 concrete roof tile machine, we have been on a constant journey with one primary goal in mind – to everyday try to make the roof tile industry better, more effective, more environmentally friendly and safer.

In many ways, we do business in the same way now as we did when our company started. Always focusing on helping our clients reach success.