Sustainable ABECE

Here at ABECE, we are constantly evaluating ourselves and our business, to create a sustainable workplace both today and in the future.

Our sustainable framework guides us in the right direction, both regarding the environment as well as the way we operate in our day-to-day business. Below you will find our guidelines concerning our employees, customers, safety, and more.

Social sustainability

ABECE will treat all people equally.

Rules and regulations

ABECE will always follow all laws and regulations for the country/countries in which we operate.

Bribery and corruption

ABECE will actively work against bribery and corruption.


ABECE will actively work to further develop our environmental engagement, including use of more environment-friendly products, a more environment-friendly production process and to increase environmental awareness.  

Working environment

ABECE works actively to improve the working environment for all our staff to have the optimal working conditions.

Customers, partners and suppliers

ABECE will actively work to take the expectations of customers, partners and suppliers into consideration. Together with our customers and suppliers we strive to develop a sustainable strategy.


ABECE will constantly work to combine freights to reduce the number of individual freights. Our aim is also to go towards carbon-neutral freights.


ABECE will actively work to reduce energy consumption. We aim to use energy saving solutions such as, solar cells/panels, green energy and other environmental friendly options. We develop and promote production methods and solutions to minimize energy consumption in production of concrete roof tiles as well as develop energy saving products for the end user of concrete roof tiles.


ABECE actively work to maintain the highest possible safety standards in-house as well as during site work. We deliver production equipment meeting the applicable safety norms and regulations.