Automated curing

Curing is about handling temperature, humidity and time in order to create a strong, high quality tile.

ABECE offers two different systems, both suitable for shift operations.

– ABECE HotBox curing system

ABECE hotbox is a self-sustained, highly efficient curing system that makes full use of the heat energy that is released when cement reacts with water. Very limited added heat is needed, which makes this the most economic and environmentally friendly system on the market.

The ABECE hotbox is very easy to set up, operate and maintain as it contains a minimum of moving parts.

– ABECE separate chambers curing system

Separate chambers curing is a conventional system, derived from forklift-operated plants, where control of each chamber is a necessity.

Automated racking

A reliable and highly efficient racking system is key to your plant’s productivity. At ABECE, we offer fully automated, highly flexible different solutions and highly efficient automated racking systems, which do not require a dedicated operator, thanks to their superior availability.

Our racking solutions are ready to take you all the way from a manual system to a semi- or fully automated racking system and are suitable for any production line.

When we started designing production lines for the concrete roof tile industry, one of our main focuses was making the racking process as automated as possible. Fifty years later, our racking system has undergone several updates and, we dare to say that a racking system from ABECE today is as groundbreaking as it was 50 years ago.

Automated packaging

Gentle handling while packaging tiles is essential in order to be able to save cement usage and to avoid scuffing marks on tile surfaces.

But how do you achieve both gentle handling and high efficiency in your automated packaging?

The answer is simple – let ABECE automate your packaging process! We have been leading development in tile packaging for the last 50 years. Key for our next big step in securing the most productive solutions for packaging is robot-powered solutions.

When buying an automated packaging solution from ABECE, all systems are based on robot technology. The advantages with robotised solutions are many: the start-up time is short, maintenance is low and flexibility – in terms of layout, profiles and upcoming future changes – is big. Also, an ABECE automated packaging solution does not require a dedicated operator, thanks to its superior availability.

We can help you robotise most steps of your packaging process, whatever type of production line you have.

Automated Accessory Tiles Production

When you are ready to automate even your accessory tile production, such as trim-, fitting- and special tiles, abece stands ready to help you find the best solution for your exact needs.

We can help you automate your production of these tiles, including those tiles you do not think are possible to automate. Our systems for accessory tiles automation include solutions from powered rollers to fully automated lines.

Better Automation