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An innovative workplace – with work-life balance

With us, you have the opportunity to work and develop your career at one of Nyköping's most exciting technology companies. With diverse tasks and the world as your workplace, you become part of the future of the concrete roof tile industry. And when the workday is over, there are no long car queues or cramped commuting spaces waiting – instead, there's leisure, nature, and the feeling that everything is close at hand.

Living and working in Nyköping simply creates time for other things.

What we can offer you

We work in a tight organization and our work field spans all over the world. Our headquarter is situated in the town of Nyköping, 100 kilometers south of Stockholm.



countries in our client portfolio


plants installed


A workplace for everyone

To continue being the leading manufacturer of concrete roof tiles, we need many talents: engineers, technical salespersons, designers, technicians, and managers, and we are constantly searching for new colleagues. Here at ABECE we offer a exciting workplace with new ideas are highly valued and a will to keep pushing boundries to keep making the best and most productive concrete roof tile plats in the world.

A developing workplace

We encourage our teams to explore new ideas, embrace different perspectives, and continually push boundaries. It is through confronting challenges that individuals grow, both personally and as valuable team members. We want to keep exploring to stay at the forefront of our industry.

Work with teams around the world

Every department has opportunities to collaborate with teams worldwide. We are continuously expanding into new parts of the world, which is both exciting and can pose challenges. With an open mindset, we can go a long way in navigating and thriving in this global collaborative environment.

Experience true work-life balance

We are a workplace that equally prioritizes the success of the company and the well-being of our employees. Having proximity to home, accessibility to workout facilities, the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, and the chance to enjoy nature all contribute to enhancing your well-being. This positive influence will be reflected in the upcoming workdays ahead.

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Johan Kring

Automation Manager

Mathias Lundmark

Logistics Operator

Moa Mossberg

After Sales & Marketing Manager

Anders Ljungberg

Product Development Designer

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What’s it like to live in Nyköping?

Nyköping is a large city with a small-town feel. With proximity to both Stockholm and the rest of the world, with Skavsta Airport just 15 minutes away, you can live and work as flexibly as in Stockholm – but with less congestion and commuting.

In Nyköping, there is a pronounced entrepreneurial spirit, with a focus on small businesses and a lively city center. With closeness to the sea and excellent housing options, you get a mix of city, nature, and, above all, quality of life.

On the Nyköping municipality's website, you can find several stories about choosing to step away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, embracing the small-town atmosphere and tranquility.

Our work process

Our products

We are dedicated to delivering the best and most efficient products, enabling our clients to manufacture and provide the optimal roofing solution in terms of environmental impact, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetics.

Our service

We won't consider the job complete until every detail is taken care of. This commitment is fundamental to the success of our projects.

Our employees

We are continually striving to enhance every aspect of being a good employer to achieve the aforementioned goals and to provide our employees with an engaging, secure, and supportive workplace.

We offer A Better Coverage™ – which is our main objective regarding:

a better coverage

We strive to deliver the best and most productive products that let our clients manufacture and deliver the best option for roof over the head, both regarding the environment, the economy and the appearance.

Our products

We will not leave you until we are done. That is fundamental for making successful projects.

Our work process

We are constantly working to improve all aspects of being a good employer to be able to reach the goals above and to give you an interesting, safe and encouraging workplace.

Our employees

At ABECE, we design, develop and assemble all the high quality machines and original parts that builds a successful concrete roof tile plant. Production, testing and developing departments work side by side with each other and there is never more than a few steps from the work floor to the CEOs office.

three people talking next to robot packer

We offer exiting positions for students, who are aiming for a career in our field of work. Feel free to drop us a line and tell us about your project.

Talent to be?

To produce the best solutions for manufacturing concrete roof tiles you need a variety of talents. Engineers, technical sales persons, designers, technicians and managers.

Which role suits you?

What suits you the best?

Our clients are spread all over the world and many of us travel a lot. As a team member at ABECE, you get to meet many different cultures and people. The way between ideas and execution is short and the management are closely involved in the production process.

We strongly believe in practicing equal opportunities regardless of who you are or what you believe in.

To be a part of the ABECE team

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