The Advantages of Concrete Roof Tiles

The advantages of concrete roof tiles are many. Let us explain more and look at some concrete reasons to choose a concrete roof tile.

1. The Properties

Concrete roof tiles are extremely durable and will last a lifetime because concrete has the remarkable property of becoming stronger and stronger over time. Concrete roof tiles are purposely designed for you to be able to walk on and are strong enough to withstand any tough weather conditions. Even after heavy rain the weight of the tiles remains the same, as concrete roof tiles are dense and solid.

In cold climate regions, this means that frost will not delaminate the tile surface, which can happen to clay roof tiles. Concrete roof tiles can be coloured through with oxides, and/or given several top coats to withstand long-term wear and resist fading. A coated concrete roof tile surface also prevents growth of algae, fungus, lichens and moss. The only thing that will grow is your property’s value!

2. The aesthetics

Concrete roof tiles are developed not only to have excellent physical properties but also to look good. As appearance is more and more important in many markets the concrete tile is the perfect product, as it can be coloured and coated in many different ways.

Concrete roof tiles can be produced in a vast number of varieties, colours and treatments such as antique pigmenting, clear acrylic overspray, double coating, granule coating, with knife cuts and mock joints – you have almost unlimited options to create or follow new trends in your market.

3. The simplicity

Concrete roof tiles produced on an ABECE production line are market standardised, to exact dimensions and designed to interlock, making it easy to lay them on the roof.

With plastic strapping or wrapping, handling the tiles when laying them is even easier and safer.