Automated packaging

Gentle handling while packaging tiles is essential in order to be able to save cement usage and to avoid scuffing marks on tile surfaces. But how do you achieve both gentle handling and high efficiency in your automated packaging?

The answer is simple – let ABECE automate your packaging process! We have been leading development in tile packaging for the last 50 years. Key for our next big step in securing the most productive solutions for packaging is robot-powered solutions.

When buying an automated packaging solution from ABECE, all systems are based on robot technology. The advantages with robotised solutions are many: the start-up time is short, maintenance is low and flexibility – in terms of layout, profiles and upcoming future changes – is big. Also, an ABECE automated packaging solution does not require a dedicated operator, thanks to its superior availability.

We can help you robotise most steps of your packaging process, whatever type of production line you have.

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