Control Systems

The brain in every concrete roof tile plant is the control system. And as every part of a modern control system is continuously developing, upgrades will be necessary as components do eventually expire. Done properly, a control system upgrade has many advantages and will benefit your production in many ways.

The main goals, apart from the obvious  to increase productivity are optimising energy consumption, ensuring a safer working environment, enabling 24/7 remote support and better visualisation of the production flow, which encourages the operators to run a smooth production. In our latest upgrade, one of the key parts, apart from increased number of safety zones and brand new programmable logic controllers, is the visualisation system. In strategic places, large screens continuously display the progress of the current shift. Both weekly and daily goals and every stop are shown in letters, numbers and graphs, which gives the operators a quick overview of the production flow.

When upgrading a control system it is important to plan and carry out as much work as possible without disturbing production. An upgrade to your control system can be compared to major brain, heart and spinal surgery – all at once. ABECE is the specialist in this area and has done this work several times, including in stages by taking one section of the production line at a time.

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