Cutting Technology

To produce the best concrete roof tiles in the world, you literally need cutting-edge technology. The solution is the ABECE servo knife. This system suits any application in all known configurations for both pushing- and carrying-type extruders.

The ABECE servo knife makes perfect, precise cuts every single time, and can be adjusted stepless without stopping the manufacturing process, to ensure maximum control. The result is that all tiles have the same hanging length, which is essential when you want to make the world’s most beautiful-looking roofs.

ABECE’s servo knife system is extremely low maintenance and cuts the noise level down compared to non-servo knife systems. Whether you need a cloak-cut system or want to control and optimise tile length for concrete savings, the ABECE servo knife system is the answer.

For pushing-type extruders, variations in the concrete mix and dirt build-up on the pallets will cause problems with the positioning of the cut. With the ABECE knife index unit, the knives self-adjust exactly to the pallet and will position the cut perfectly every time.

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