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Our Global Partners make ABECE local

We are always avaliable through our well established regional partners wherever you are in the world. Easy access is key to enable you as a customer to always get professional service and support whenever needed. It can be a matter of time zone, everyday presence or just a language barrier. Our worldwide partners are there to make it easier for you and secure your productivity.

Pan Mixers South Africa

South Africa, Johannesburg
Region – Sub Sahara

Quintin Booysen, Marketing and Sales Manager
E-mail: quintin@panmixers.co.za
Mobile/WhatsApp: +27 (0)73 896 1170
Fax: +27(0)11 578 8800


Turkey, Istanbul
Region – Turkey

Selim Bacioglu, Managing Director
E-mail: selim@bacioglu.com.tr
Mobile: +90 533 658 8080


Thailand, Bangkok
Region – Thailand

Niramol Kusanchai (Ms.), Coordinating Manager
E-mail: niramol@rothenburggroup.com
Phone: +662 618 6671 ext 112.


Russia, Moscow
Region – Russia and other russian speaking regions

Dmitri Sitnikov, Commercial Manager
E-mail: import@q-prom.ru

Song Zhiyong

China, Beijing
Region – China

Song Zhiyong, Managing Director
E-mail: songbeijing@126.com
Skype: songbeijingskype