The ABECE SPS system is suitable for producing up to 5,000 concrete roof tiles per shift, achieving the same high quality concrete roof tiles as in our larger, more automated SPM and SPL systems. It is perfect for a start-up business or as a complement to an existing production line.

All our machinery and solutions are designed for your specific needs and thoroughly tested at our facility, before shipping and commissioning at your site. We stand ready to help and guide you to the best solution and will always stand by your side to help you with future upgrades and maintenance.

Our SPS-system range from pallets, extruders, powered rollers for accessory tiles, to semi and fully automated processes, that will realize your plans in producing high quality concrete roof tiles.

This is an example layout showing how to set up a small but versatile factory on as little as 360 m² factory.


When were the last time you bought something for less than a dollar that will last a lifetime? That will keep you dry, keep the weather out and your house in a good shape? For less than a dollar, you could buy a high quality concrete roof tile, suitable for a vast range of house types from low-cost houses to residential and luxury homes.