Episode 4 – Delivering on your promise

When papers are signed, and the deal is closed – the exciting work of planning for delivery begins. After the design work is completed, the test runs and FAT – Factory Acceptance Test – we are ready to ship your new machinery and begin the installation.

When it is time to ship your machines, we work in close relation with the leading logistic companies to be able to deliver our solutions to you at the right cost, on time and properly insured.

Thanks to our unique test run process, where we test entire systems at our facility in Sweden, we can minimize the installation and commissioning on site.

Whether we deliver an upgrade, a new solution or a completely new system, you can be sure that we will be there for you all the way. We call it giving you A Better Coverage.

Our service and maintenance team keep a close dialogue with you to always stay one step ahead. Learn more in Episode 5.