About us

In business as in life we all want to move forward. In life, our goals and ways to get there vary. One person’s goals and preconditions may differ a lot from others.

In business, there are no alternatives if you want to be successful. Hard work, determination and strong visions are critical if you want to succeed. But you seldom reach your goals alone. You often need people around you. People who support you, who believe in your visions and help you get wherever you want to go.

ABECE has been helping companies reach their goals all over the world since 1919. We have been there before, during and after helping great people build great companies and fulfill visions and dreams. Our tools are genuine knowledge and know-how, shaped by our country’s great history of engineering.

We offer a broad range of high quality, low-maintenance equipment with the highest efficiency on the market – all made for the concrete roof tile industry and developed in partnership with our clients.

Always with one primary concern in mind: to create the most productive and all-inclusive solution for manufacturing the best concrete roof tiles in the world. This allows you to be able to deliver the best products in your market – whatever special needs in terms of design and dimensions that your market wants. There is no better alternative than concrete roof tiles, either in terms of economy, or in terms of design.

When you invest in equipment from ABECE, you are not only guaranteed the most efficient and modern systems, you are also guaranteed that we always will be by your side. We are dedicated to delivering the best service and original spare parts to keep your machines up and running as if they were new for many years to come.

Even though our journey began almost 100 years ago, we look at every day as if it is the start of something new. Because that is how we best give you: A BETTER COVERAGE.

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