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concrete roof tile


Combining expertise, forward-thinking and dedication for technological advancement, we at ABECE always strive to find the best and most innovative solutions for your needs. 

The secret of reducing weight and thickness but improving strength is a key for all successful manufacturers and is a given part of our process with gathered experience and know-how when designing a new tile or optimizing your existing design. All focusing on reducing cost for manufacturing with increased value and profit for the tile producer and our environment.

All our standard and customized tile designs are developed with unique features for optimizing the tile properties.

Tile design & tile optimization

Whether it is to produce a lighter and stronger tile, upgrade your existing line, or replace old equipment with new state of the art technology, we have the solution for you.

Our effort to always be leading the way with smart solutions and systems is the guiding light in our daily work. This path of searching optimization throughout all designs, mechanical as well as automation and tile design provides a secure future for all our customers. It is not only giving you the best machines and control systems at date, but also warrants that your tile line always is able to transform for a new tomorrow. Through innovative solutions you will have the smallest carbon footprint, have the most productive machines, reduced cement usage and maximized profitability.

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Many of these are still in use and very productive, due to the continuous improvements and upgrades developed together with our customers through our inhouse engineering. Investing in a machine or system from ABECE is an investment for successful business. Whether it is about reducing cement and carbon emissions through optimized curing conditions, cutting precision to save concrete or supplying outstanding tile aesthetics, or reducing oil consumption and increase health and safety – ABECE will have a solution for you!

Since we change the world in the 1950s when launching the first extrusion machine producing 12 tiles per minute we have built and successfully commissioned more than 100 concrete tile lines on all continents and in more than 40 different countries.

Machinery & upgrades

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Do you have obsolete servo motors on your loaders? Avoid the risk of a long production standstill by letting us help you with a servo upgrade.

Loader Servo Upgrades

We offer you the most modern and well proven servo drive transmission systems available. All servo motors and drives are futureproof for direct replacement for next decades. The control system developed by ABECE is based on SEW technology and Siemens TIA portal control.

An ABECE Servo Drive System will provide highest safety with best abilities for easy fine tuning and control through the HMI screens.

We are the specialist in this area and has implemented Loader Servo Upgrade Systems numerous times.

  • Excellent abilities for settings of chains and slat position

  • Enables longer use of chains due to easy fine tuning of slat settings

  • Easy change of slats due to “jog” function

  • PM program to keep track of when parts need to be changed/maintained is available for your convenience.

If you have obsolete servo motors in other areas of your machinery we can of course help you with an upgrade for those as well.

Highlighted features: 
  • Secured up-time with the latest generation components and control systems

  • Lower total cost due to optimized spare parts solution and commonality of parts used for loader servo units

  • Settings, status, fault messages and service mode are available in the HMI which simplifies the operation of the loaders

  • Generating higher plant OEE due to easier fine tuning of slat position preventing pusher error

  • Solution with high safety

  • VPN enables 24/7 remote support of the Loader Servo System

Customer values:
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innovation of tiles

Constantly making new groundbreaking innovations

Being a Swedish company with a heritage of innovative engineering traditions that have revolutionized the world for centuries is a heritage we at ABECE are very proud of. There are many innovations already introduced by us to the concrete roof tile industry, but the most important are still to be revealed. They are both groundbreaking and will totally change the game of concrete roof tile manufacturing. When you are in the process to invest in a concrete roof tile plant, make sure to be a part of the next chapter and partner with us at ABECE or if you already did the smart move to join in and have an ABECE plant, we will make sure you are included when we move this industry to its next level! Keep an eye open and an ear to the ground as this is just about to impact the world!

The brain in every concrete roof tile plant is the control system. And as every part of a modern control system is continuously developing, upgrades will be necessary as components do eventually expire. Done properly, a control system upgrade has many advantages and will benefit your production in many ways.

PLC Upgrade

The main goals, apart from the obvious to increase productivity are optimising energy consumption, ensuring a safer working environment, enabling 24/7 remote support and better visualisation of the production flow, which encourages the operators to run a smooth production. 


In our latest upgrade, one of the key parts, apart from increased number of safety zones and brand new programmable logic controllers, is the visualisation system. In strategic places, large screens continuously display the progress of the current shift. Both weekly and daily goals and every stop are shown in letters, numbers and graphs, which gives the operators a quick overview of the production flow.


An upgrade to your control system can be compared to major brain, heart and spinal surgery – all at once. ABECE is the specialist in this area and has done this work several times, always with the focus of disturbing the ongoing production as little as possible.

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  • Reduce risk of long production stoppages

  • Secure spare parts availability

  • Optimized energy consumption

  • Ensuring safer working environment

  • Greatly improved visualisation system

  • Possibility to add more smart functions

Customer values:
  • Well-developed and proven PLC programs purpose-built for the highest productivity and usability, especially developed for use with modern safety system solutions.

  • Safer and easier manual operations due to the semi-automatic, interlocked and controlled motions

  • More supervision functions

  • Easier to fault-find and recover via alarms and notifications in the HMI

  • Stoppage analyses

  • Possibility to add Preventive Maintenance program – get notifications in the HMI when it is time to do maintenance on various parts

Highlighted features: 

Changes in your markets’ demands? Got a new customer? Need to build up stock? Whenever you want to increase your capacity, ABECE will be there for you.

Capacity increase

We understand your capacity limitations by heart and, more importantly, we know how to get round them. Whether you need more pallets, faster machinery, more efficient racking or are ready to improve the curing process, we will help you all the way.

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