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Equipment from ABECE is your key for maximized return on investment - more than 100 years of experience and innovation

At ABECE we manufacture The Original in concrete roof tile machines and provide the most productive plants in the world. Our state of the art solutions range from complete automated plant concepts to single manual machines. No matter if you are a small or big producer of concrete roof tiles - with exceptional reliability our products are designed for you to produce the highest quality roof tiles in the world.

Interested in investing in a Production Line? Learn about the process of making superior quality Concrete Roof Tiles with ABECE Equipment. The most productive solutions with excellent return on investment and of course green and safe!

the abece robot packer

Our different plant concepts cover all needs with optimized technology! We have plants ranging from the Smallest startup production to the Largest and most productive plants in the world including Trim tile plants and special tile options. All production plants are designed for each individual need and market requirements.

rendered image of a plant concept

Maximize your return on investment with equipment from ABECE. Our equipment will save money, increase OEE, provide better tile quality and appearance and the same time a safe and green solution. Upgrade your plant today!

a blue and yellow extruder machine
ABECE green & safe hero

ABECE Green & Safe

A winning concept is when combining a contribution to a better environment with lowering of our clients costs thus improving their balance sheet. In addition to the green properties of the tile itself, let us give you some examples of how our technology and solutions support the GREEN THINKING.

With more than a century of industrial experience and more than 70 years within the concrete roof tile business, we know how to ensure the highest productivity and quality for our customers.

The ABECE Way™

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