Concrete Roof Tiles

When were the last time you bought something for less than a dollar that will last a lifetime? That will keep you dry, keep the weather out and your house in a good shape? For less than a dollar, you could buy a high quality concrete roof tile, suitable for a vast range of house types from low-cost houses to residential and luxury homes.

Making concrete is also both relatively cheap and easy: sand, cement, water and oxide pigments – that is what you need in terms of raw materials to manufacture high quality concrete roof tiles.

No need for vast exploitation of natural resources, or massive energy consumption, as the production of clay tiles does. No need for extremely high initial investments, as setting up production of clay tiles or asbestos fibre cement does.

At ABECE – we manufacture “The Original” in concrete roof tile machines. Our solutions range from single manual machines to complete automated, robot-powered plant concepts. Designed for you to produce the highest quality concrete roof tiles in the world.