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We have gathered videos showing some of the key processes building a successful concrete roof tile plant. Please contact us if you have any questions.


With more than a century of industrial experience and more than 60 years within the concrete roof tile business, we know how to design, customize, build, test, and install your equipment and support you in the best possible way forward.

The ABECE Way™ – Episode 5

When the equipment is installed and commissioned, our commitment to you continues as we will always stand by your side with service and support whenever needed. In Episode 5 of our series The ABECE Way™, we show you how we help you maintain your ABECE equipment for the highest productivity year after year!

The Switch – How to turn a low efficient competitor packer into a new state of the art ABECE packer in 60 seconds

Watch the time-lapse video and you will soon know how this is done.

The ABECE Way™ – Episode 4

When papers are signed, and the deal is closed – the exciting work of planning for delivery begins. After the design work is completed, the test runs and FAT – Factory Acceptance Test – we are ready to ship your new machinery and begin the installation.

The ABECE Way™ – Episode 3

We always assembly and pre-install your machinery to a complete system and perform several test runs at our facility in Sweden before shipping. Welcome to explore The ABECE Way™.

The ABECE Way™ – Episode 2

To achieve the best result we spend time on-site before, during and after a project and specialize every solution according to your specific needs. Welcome to explore The ABECE Way™.

The ABECE Way™ – Episode 1

The design & engineering teams at ABECE work closely together towards our vision of creating the 100 percent efficient concrete roof tile plant. Welcome to explore The ABECE Way™.

All the way to the yard

The new packaging plant from ABECE, handles multi profile tiles with literally zero changeover time and lets the operator easily change between tile profiles on the HMI. Here, the operator also quickly changes between 4-, 5- or 6-tiles small pack strapping. The strapped tiles are packed on wooden pallets and brought all the way to the yard.

ABECE turns 100

Over the years, we have revolutionized an entire industry building faster, more efficient and more reliable concrete roof tile plants than we could ever have imagined. Tell us your dreams, and we will do the best we can to fulfill them.

Follow our exciting journey as we turn 100 in 2019. Let’s make history together.

Productivity & zero change over time in focus when ABECE installs the Autopacker

The Autopacker is profile independent and even lower in maintenance than its predecessor and also saves energy using the latest in robot technology.

Welcome to discover the future in packaging solutions – from ABECE.

Packaging plant with colour blending

We are proud to announce that we have successfully installed yet another state of the art packaging plant at the facility of one of our customers.

Another packaging line installed

ABECE have successfully completed an installation of an ultra-modern packaging plant.