[10:20] Victor Callmyr
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closeup of a racking machine

ABECE Medium – the expandable production line

Produce 25000-85000 tiles a day with our highly efficient medium size production line. Designed for your specific needs and is easy to expand when demands grow. 

You can choose to start with a semi-automated line and easily add-on automation as you grow your business. This makes the ABECE Medium system both flexible and easy to start up.

  • Continuous tile extrusion machine with speeds up to 100tpm

  • Mechanical Knife system or Single/Twin Servo Knife for the best tile appearance/cut

  • Manual racking/deracking or Fully automated racking/deracking system

  • Separate curing chambers or GreenBox for saving energy for curing

  • Manual packing or Fully automated Robot packer

  • Operator/user friendly easy operations large HMI touch screens

  • Full control with our optimized PLC system

  • Safety system controlling restricted areas meeting highest local demand and Zero Harm

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