[10:20] Victor Callmyr
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men working next to an extruder

ABECE Small – start up production line

It is perfect for a start-up business or as a complement to an existing production line, achieving the same high quality concrete roof tiles as in our larger, more automated SPM and SPL systems.

Our SPS-system range from pallets, extruders, powered rollers for accessory tiles, to semi and fully automated processes, that will realize your plans in producing high quality concrete roof tiles.


This is an example layout showing how to set up a small but versatile factory on as little as 360 m² factory.

Produce 3000- 32000 tiles a day with our affordable start-up production lines. Designed to your needs and choose between two different extruder options. Semi-automated systems with high output and extrusion machines with highest possible compaction with possible to grow your production capacity and add-on automation.

  • Discontinuous tile extrusion machine with speeds up to 40tpm

  • Automated Knife systems for easy cutting

  • Manual racking/deracking or automated racking/deracking system

  • Separate curing chambers

  • Manual packing or automated Robot packer

  • Operator friendly and easy maintained

  • Safety features for Zero Harm

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