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accessory tiles machinery

Accessory Tiles Machinery

Equally important as making volume based field tiles it is to also include accessory tiles to your offer. ABECE offer standard as well as customized machines and production moulds for all available accessory tiles on the market. All the equipment are designed for safe and easy operations to make highest quality tiles with met output requirements.

Our range of different accessory tile machines are designed to manufacture the special accessories that you cannot make in an inline extruder. Making these tiles utilizes handcraft and skill from the operators, which is an important factor when setting up this manufacturing process. Even though we have focused on simplicity in the actual tile making process we will never compromise on tile quality or Health and Safety.

This increases the capacity and reduces maintenance and service of the line. Designed for Zero Harm operations and including full safety guarding with easy access through the monitored doors, these systems are integrated in the tile line control system and easily controlled through the operator panel. Our unique machine designs assure moulds are not damaged in the process and the resulting tiles never deviates to original design.

  • Easy to operate

  • All machines available at floor level height

  • Smooth handling of tiles

  • No damages on moulds

  • Safety measures in place for Zero Harm

Highlighted features: 
  • Outstanding health and safety

  • Easy maintenance

  • Low noise level

  • Maximized output

  • Highest tile quality

Customer values:
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