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automation platform

Automation platform

The ABECE Automation platform is meticulously crafted to provide optimal support, ensuring the highest machinery availability, ease of operation, minimal energy consumption, and comprehensive operator safety.

The platform offers significant customer value through various key features. The platform facilitates easier troubleshooting and fine-tuning, while also providing valuable production data to support long-term productivity goals. Additionally, it excels in promoting low energy consumption and maintaining outstanding health and safety standards. Its user-friendly design ensures ease of learning and operation.

  • Networking inverters on all drives

  • Robust automatic sequences

  • Sensor data and settings for all machinery on operator stations

  • Profile change-over and settings from HMI

  • Curing chamber product tracker

  • CE-Certified Solutions - Cat 4/ PLe Architecture and Components

  • Remote support with full accessibility to every motor and sensor

  • Large Overhead Productivity Display

  • Detailed production reports with OEE data from every shift

  • Mult-language support

Key highlights
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