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coating systems

Coating Systems

Coating tiles not only makes them last longer, it also helps meet your markets needs in terms of design. Whether your tiles need to be covered with acrylic paint, slurry or granules or your want to make antique multi colour, antique splash, enhance the shine or seal the tile surface, we have the solution.

ABECE Coating systems are made for all different finishes available on the market. These high-performance systems provide excellent cover on each produced tile, regardless tile profile or product and developed for speeds up to +140tpm. The spray system has a self-cleaning function with a water bath and scrapers that removes the color build-up on the round ropes. The round rope placement is also designed to not contaminate equipment down the production line. The ABECE spray system are made of high-quality parts, making the equipment very reliable with high efficiency and low maintenance.

coating system
  • Wet and dry side top coating systems

  • Conveyors through the top coating systems are purposely designed to prevent contamination downstream the production line

  • Scrapers and water cleaning system for ropes and belts through the top coating systems keeping the pallet underside clean from top coat

  • 3pcs spray guns for high performance acrylic coating with swivel nozzles for easy maintenance

  • Double filter system, one in operation and one in stand-by

  • Stainless steel collection tank

Highlighted features: 
  • Outstanding health and safety

  • Low spare parts cost per tile

  • Low maintenance

  • Redundant filter systems

  • Full colour coverage on the tile

  • Highest OEE

Customer values/Business benifits:
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