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curing system

Curing Systems

Curing is about controlling temperature, humidity and time in order to create a strong, high quality tile with no variations in colour or strength. ABECE offers two different systems, both suitable for shift operations.

Our first fully automated ABECE GreenBox™ curing system was built already in the mid 1970s with the focus of self-curing. During 50 years we have developed this system to become the obvious choice when building new curing systems. Nowadays, we control the complete curing chamber environment in several zones, customized for each situation and need. Together with our partner Kraft Curing, we have developed the most efficient system for producing the highest quality tiles with less cement and energy compared any curing systems available.

With the GreenBox Curing System heating is only necessary after longer production stops and when ambient temperatures are lower than the starting temp for the natural exotherm in the concrete. In continuous production, the GreenBox system is completely self-sustaining with heat and moisture evacuated through the necessary ventilation system which is automatically controlled. Ventilation is required to get an even curing climate from floor to ceiling inside the GeenBox. The ABECE GreenBox Curing System is very easy to set up, operate and maintain as it contains a minimum of moving parts.

Each rack is individually tracked in the circuit and can be visualized on the HMI touch screen and extracted if needed. In case you manufacture small quantities (profiles and coulors) that you need to pull out before those rack would come out naturally in FIFO order! Full flexibility but still full automation, best of two worlds.

The GreenBox Curing System also comes with a rack extraction station for removal of individual racks for maintenance or repairs.

ABECE Automatic GreenBox™ Curing is a self-sustained, highly efficient curing system that makes full use of the heat energy that is released when cement reacts with water. This makes it the most economic and environmentally friendly system on the market.

ABECE Automatic GreenBox™ Curing System

The ABECE GreenBox Curing System is the superior solution used in ABECE Large and Medium Plants were the heat and humidity from the chemical exotherm in the concrete is 100% recycled. It is like a perpetual motion machine with no extra efforts of adding heat and cost. This is a natural choice when building a new plant but also available as an upgrade to any existing plants, ABECE as well as non-ABECE, where a better curing system is wanted.  If you for example have gas heated separate chambers with forklift handling you will save loads of money on gas and rack maintenance, and at the same time get a safer and greener solution.

If a solution where Separate chambers is needed or the preferred solution, we offer this system as well.

greenbox curing system
  • Minimized moving parts and easy to maintain

  • Full control of each individual rack through the HMI

  • Size adaptation for local building conditions

  • Long lasting equipment

  • First in – First out giving equal curing time

  • Fully automated

  • Rack extraction station for removal of individual racks

  • Possibility to extract chosen products (profiles or colours) via the HMI

Highlighted features: 
  • Lowest environmental impact with least carbon footprint

  • Extremely low maintenance cost

  • Zero cost for heating during consistent production

  • Highest efficiency and OEE

  • Lowest cost per tile

  • Full flexibility for multi profile production

Customer values/Business benifits:

Compared to a solution of gas heated separate chambers, the payback and environmental footprint of moving to a ABECE GreenBox Curing System is significant, not only now but for all future! A future-proof solution with only benefits! You would reduce your energy for heating with about 80-90%, no forklift or forklift driver, less damaging of racks, full curing control and better tile quality.

The benefits of changing to a ABECE GreenBox Curing Systems are many but a few would are worth repeating:

  • The reduction of one forklift with running costs of labor, fuel, maintenance, repairs, insurance etc.


  • Reduced cost for damaged racks, tiles, molds and probably surrounding equipment.


  • The almost eliminated need for heating of curing chambers and by that almost eliminated cost for heating, would most likely be the largest economical win with massive reduction of carbon footprint as a huge bonus for both your company’s environmental image but also the actual contribution to a better climate.

Separate chambers curing is a conventional system, derived from forklift-operated plants, where control of each chamber is a necessity. These chambers are separately equipped with heating and humidity systems, necessary to achieve the correct curing climate in each chamber. This technology of curing is often used when extreme acceleration of the tile curing is needed.

ABECE Separate Chambers Curing System

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