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closeup of a servo knife

Knife System

To produce the best concrete roof tiles in the world, you literally need cutting-edge technology. ABECE deliver an outstanding range of Knife Systems and for medium and high speed lines we would not be bold to say we have the world’s best namely the ABECE Servo Knife System.

servo knife system

Best tile appearance, highest efficiency, least maintenance, smooth and silent operation, easiest managed with loads of smart built-in features and save concrete with a Twin knife installation. Due to its circular motion design and full servo control, the cutting impact in the concrete will get perfected in each unique case.


ABECE servo knife systems can be fitted to any continuous extruder and works for all existing field and ridge tile profiles, either installed as a Single- or Twin servo knife unit. It has a direct configuration with the propulsion unit thus giving a precise location of each pallet, eliminating tile length variations. Our Single and Twin Servo Knife systems are definitely the preferred options when producing tiles in high or medium speed lines, all tested for speeds up to 150tpm.

The undisputed best and most used servo knife systems in the world comes from ABECE.

ABECE Servo Knife System

  • The TRUE servo knife system with intelligent servo-controlled motion in both vertical and horizontal directions

  • Maintenance, wear and noise level reduced to a minimum due to the circular motion drive, enabling production speeds higher than 150tpm

  • Quick connection for fast profile change over within minutes with all adjustments pre-made in the knife assembly

  • Adjustable cutting positions within 0,1mm during production at the large HMI screen

  • Higher knife blade velocity gives an outstanding cutting finish

  • Programmable profile dependent settings of the knife system, e.g. different vertical knife blade speed for different profiles

  • Safety knife suspension avoiding damages of pallets and knife system

  • Easily adjustable water spray preventing concrete build-up on knife blade

  • Non-drip adjustable electromagnetic spray nozzles as standard

  • Parking mode – option of running one knife in a Twin servo knife system

Highlighted features: 
  • Outstanding health and safety

  • When installing a Twin servo knife - savings of up to 2% concrete - equals to 5000kg per shift

  • Consistent hanging length and optimized cutting appearance

  • Excellent tile aesthetics and faster roof installation

  • Lowest maintenance cost/tile compared to any knife system in the market

  • Fast profile change over saves 10min

  • Less scrap when changing profile or knife blade due to pre-setting of blade

Customer values:

Our mechanical knife systems are equally precise and are most common in low and medium speed filed tile applications and for cutting trim tiles, where you have more time to make the cut. These are always included in our standard offer and have solutions for fast profile changeover where pre-settings can be done off-line and precise cutting position when directly connected to the machine drive system.

We have mechanical knife solutions for extruders of productions speed between 5-140 tpm.

Other Knife systems

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