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closeup of robot packer

Robot Packer

Gentle handling when packing tiles is essential to save cement usage, avoid scuffing on tile surfaces and minimize scrap. Our fully automatic robot integrated packer solutions are delivering exactly this and are easy to adapt for different profiles and packing requirements. They are made to highest Health & Safety levels, best efficiencies, least maintenance cost and operator friendly. Designed and built to last for decades.

The advantages with robotised solutions are many: environmental friendly, designed for Zero Harm operations, highest productivity, zero changeover time, maintenance is low and flexibility is high – in terms of layout, profiles and upcoming future changes. Also, an ABECE automated packaging solution does not require a dedicated operator, thanks to its superior availability. We have solutions to cover all your needs from 20tpm to +140tpm, with any type of tile profiles!

All in all, the best OEE you can get. Our unique solutions assuring lowest energy usage, smoothest tile handling and minimized manpower as the automation and technologies are perfected. We ALWAYS supply these systems with full safety guarding with monitored access for safest plant operations.

All ABECE Packaging systems have smooth tile accumulation with robot integration for highest availability. Efficient and flexible strapping systems, no matter if wanting to do strapped small packs or strapped large packs OR having the option for both!

ABECE Automatic Packaging Systems

plant concept
  • Easy adapted to customized needs

  • Automatic changeover between profiles and pack sizes

  • Fanuc Robots throughout the line

  • Purposely designed high end Strapper heads

  • Smart gripper functionality with long lasting wear pads

  • Small pack and/or large pack strapping solutions

  • Stack assembly done in well proven collator systems

Highlighted features: 
  • Outstanding Health and Safety

  • Saving cement due to smooth tile handling

  • No changeover time between profiles and pack sizes

  • Low spare parts cost per tile

  • Extremely low maintenance cost

  • Less scrap

  • Highest efficiency and OEE

  • Redundant systems available for 100% productivity

  • Excellent product packing and tile presentation

Customer values/Business benifits:
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