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sumal mould oil brush applicator

Sumal Mould Oil Brush Applicator

The original Mould Oil Brush Applicator

With the SUMAL oil brush applicator you will therefore not only reduce the oil consumption but also gain better working conditions and less environmental impact. It actuallly saves up to 80% of your oil consumption and minimizes hazardous fume and unplanned production stops. A win-win situation in many ways.

ABECE is sole distributor of the SUMAL Mould Oil Brush Applicator from Schaaf und Meurer. Secure your production today with a proven solution developed since 30 years and with a fantastic track record of more than 100 successful installations world-wide. The first machine ever sold to a roof tile producer in 1998, is still in use and performing every day!

There are many copies but only one ORIGINAL – exclusively provided by ABECE.

  • The ORIGINAL is always the most well developed

  • No more oil “all over the place” when using the oil tray

  • No clogging of nozzles

  • Standalone control panel or integrated in your existing PLC

  • Installed in any production line (both main and trim)

  • Easily maintained

Highlighted features: 
  • Reducing oil consumption up to 80% compared to a spray applicator, saving up to €120.000 per year

  • Low maintenance

  • No oil mist – improving the working conditions and environmental impact

  • Short pay-off time

Customer values:
sumal moild oil brush applicator

The ORIGINAL non-contact brush oil application equipment SUMAL is developed for reducing the amount of oil as well as applying oil in a controlled way onto the pallet without the usual harmful mist.

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