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ABECE provides entire concrete roof tile plants and machinery upgrades as well as spare parts and service & support. With more than 60 years of experience we have developed solutions for all customer demands, from low-speed manual production to fully automatic multi-profile plants.

ABECE original parts™

In every single part that builds your production line there are more than 60 years of experience built in. We like to call it the “ABECE evolution”.

Cutting Technology

To produce the best concrete roof tiles in the world, you literally need cutting-edge technology. The solution is the ABECE servo knife.

Robot Technology

Let ABECE automate your packaging process! We have been leading development in tile packaging for the last 50 years.

The advantages of concrete roof tiles

The advantages of concrete roof tiles are many. Let us explain more.

New tiles and products

Every now and then, your market demands change. The ABECE design team stands ready to help you…

Capacity increase

Changes in your market demands? Got a new customer? Need to build up stock?

In Loving Memory Of Nils.

On April 11, we received the sad news that our beloved team member Nils Nilsson past away, at the age of 70. Our thoughts go to his wife Lena, his family and many dear friends.