Celebrating 100 years of innovation

Who could have dreamed of producing up to 140 high quality concrete roof tiles per minute, one hundred years ago? And who could have dreamed of accomplishing this with a completely automated process with a minimum of manpower?

Some of the things we could not even dream of 100 years ago, are standard features today. That’s fascinating. Then imagine what we can accomplish tomorrow. What the exciting future holds for us working in the concrete roof tile industry.

Please keep on dreaming and let your imagination run free – but do not forget to share your dreams and ideas with us at ABECE, on how you want the concrete roof tile industry to look like tomorrow. Because all big and small innovations start with a dream – and a lot of hard work later, it might become reality.



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We listen to your dreams – and together we will make them happen

State of the art extruders with nifty profile changes, fully automated, robotized multi profile packaging solutions and software driven profile changes in no time – are all examples of dreams come true. At least when you are an ABECE customer.

Concrete roof tiles with less concrete than ever and solar cells taken to the next level

Who knows what the future holds? Who knows what concrete roof tiles may look like in the next few years? In fact, we at ABECE do. At least some of it. And we happily share it with anyone daring enough to tell us their dreams. At ABECE, we are not much for looking back. We rather look ahead. And we hope you will join us for many years to come as we intend to keep on revolutionizing not only the industry that we are a part of, but also the mindset of everyone around us to keep on Thinking Concrete.